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Document what you dicovered helps focusing and guides the future research. This page serves as a container, platform, to inform, showcase, inspire others and get inspired.


Most projects are in development - still prototypes. Have a look and get inspired.


A small but growing selection of our current research and areas of interest.

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The moment you know about time - you are screwed. Think beyond time.

About us

Sharing the same passion about good design and asking questions - a lot of questions - searching for the unknown and best answers. Somehow our paths crossed at SOM and haven't branched yet.

Trained as a fine artist, Joel has a strong interest in computer science, mathematics, and geometry. Throughout his career, he has focused on the discovery, interpretation, and subsequent visual expression of meaningful patterns along with their associated analytical processes.

.Joel Putnam
Founder & Partner

As a structural engineer with a strong background in programming and data manamegment, Christian is currently holding the chair of Structural and Conceptual Design at the TU Dortmund with the goal of teaching engineering with an indispensable correlation to astectics and meaningful design.

Christian Hartz
Founder & Partner